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About Us

Ethical AI for unbiased shoplifting detection

Percepta is a medley of engineers and entrepreneurs on a mission to revolutionize loss prevention. As we watched news headlines covering faults in facial recognition and the prevalence of racial profiling grow in staggering numbers, we saw the opportunity to institute a more ethical approach to shoplifting prevention – all while saving retailers more than they would with traditional loss prevention solutions.

We combined our diverse backgrounds in machine learning, retailing, and computer vision—and Percepta was born. In a reimagined retail security technology landscape, Percepta uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to protect privacy and remove inherent bias.


At Percepta, we believe profits and ethics can coexist – and we’re excited to be forging this new path in retail.


Meet the Team

Our Advisors

Philippe Sawaya

Co-Founder & CEO

Jonathan Mak

Co-Founder & COO

Neil Gramopadhye

Co-Founder & Head of Business Development

Iliana Cooper

Digital Marketing Lead

Nehal Doiphode

Computer Vision Researcher

Tarmily Wen

Lead Computer Vision Engineer

Dr. Vanessa Chan

Professor, Entrepreneurship

Dr. Jianbo Shi

Professor, Computer Vision

Tony D’Onofrio, J.D.

Former C(Customer)O, Tyco Retail

Philip Yannella

Leader, Ballard Spahr Privacy Group

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