Product Overview

Percepta's software runs off your existing camera system and can detect up to three times as many incidents as humans do, reducing shrink and saving retailers money. Percepta’s ethical AI focuses on shoplifting behaviors, thereby minimizing the risk for potential profiling and bias claims. Let Percepta keep a watchful eye out, so your team can focus on what matters most.


Reduce Shrink

We can catch up to 3x as many incidents as people do. Catch more shoplifters and stop letting your profits go to waste.


Avoid Profiling

Instead of scanning faces, our ethical AI anonymizes shoppers and is trained to pick up on suspicious shoplifting movements. We eliminate bias against gender, age, and race, which decreases the possibility for profiling claims.


Improve Efficiency

Percepta enables more accurate and efficient surveillance. Percepta always keeps an eye out for your business, so fewer employees are needed to watch security cameras.


How It Works

In just 4 simple steps, you can have Percepta up and running in your store. Our engineers will handle the everything from setup to installation, so you can get on with serving your customers.



In fewer than 30 minutes, we install Percepta in your store and integrate it with your existing camera system.



Percepta begins streaming video feeds to the cloud, where feeds are anonymized to prevent bias against race, age, or gender.



Percepta's algorithm then monitors feeds to detect suspicious behavior (e.g. quick snatches off shelves or stuffing products into pockets).



When Percepta detects shoplifting, a real-time alert is sent to you or your employees detailing the incident so appropriate action can be taken.

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