Rethinking Merchandise Protection

Ethical AI for Unbiased Shoplifting Detection

Percepta uses proprietary AI technology to analyze existing security camera feeds, and alerts employees of shoplifting incidents in real-time. Unlike other solutions to shoplifting, Percepta eliminates bias, protects privacy, and reduce loss.

Percepta is easy to set up and can assist any size retailer 

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Percepta leverages cutting edge pose estimation tech to anonymize demographic features of shoppers. Our AI is trained to take race, gender, and age bias out of the equation. Unlike other solutions, Percepta preserves shoppers' privacy and mitigates bias. 


Our superior accuracy translates into improved margins, decreased shrink, and a better experience for retail customers. Percepta's technology performs three times more accurately than humans, automating the redundant mechanical operations and enabling store personnel to focus on servicing your customers.

How it Works

Percepta uses cutting-edge computer vision and deep learning technology to catch shoplifters

Combining advanced action recognition, pose estimation, and gaze estimation techniques, Percepta sends alerts to employees' devices whenever we detect potential shoplifting incidents. Percepta’s proprietary AI technology utilizes existing security cameras to alert store agents of shoplifting in real-time. This enables them to take immediate action and deter potential thieves before they walk out.

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